At Trondheim International Preschool the fundamental philosophy are based on a
holistic and a constructivist view of children, childhood and teaching.
A holistic view of the development of children is seen as a dynamic and closely interwoven interaction between their physical and mental circumstances and the environment in which they grow up. Children are social players who themselves contribute to their own and other children’s learning. Interaction with other people is crucial to children’s development and learning.

Childhood is a phase of life with an intrinsic value, in the same way as other phases of human life.

One of the characteristics of childhood is interaction through play, which provides scope for initiative, imagination and enthusiasm. Children wonder about things and ask questions, seek adventures and gain experience in their own learning arenas. In close interaction with their surroundings, they are active in all areas of life. The care, upbringing, play and education that children experience at a young age shape their attitudes, values and confidence in themselves and in other people, and their motivation for learning later in life.

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child emphasizes the fact that children are entitled to express their own views on everything that effects them. That their views should always be taken into consideration, and to influence on all aspects of their lives at kindergartens. The degree of participation will depend on the age and level of function of the child.

Children express their feelings through body language and through words. They express their views through body position, mimic and other forms of emotional expression.Preschool Staff will listen to and attemped to interpret their body language, and are observant in relation to their action, aesthetic expression and evaluate their verbal and non-verbal communication shown through play and in daily activities. Preschool Staff  take children´s participation seriously, and the Staff will see each child individually and as a group. This requires good communication between children and staff. Children right to participate requires time and space for listening and talking. That means the Pedagogical activities must be planed and organized in a way that there is time and place for the children to participate.