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As a parent represent you get the opportunity to know the preschool in another perspective than as a parent only.

You get the opportunity to be a part of the work of planning og making of the work in the preschool, such as for example routines, policies and the year plan. At the same time you will also get to know other parents and the preschool staff even better. Those who participate in this work should find it interesting to take part and action in working with social arrangement for the children and to be actively involved in the preschools content and framework.

It is the preschool law and the framework plan that makes the fundament and regulates the cooperation between the preschool and the parents/ caregivers, and therefor also the possibilities for involvement and participation.

§ 4 in the preschool law:

“For å sikre samarbeidet med barns hjem, skal hver barnehage ha et foreldreråd og et samarbeidsutvalg. Foreldrerådet består av foreldre/foresatte til alle barna og skal fremme fellesinteresser og bidra til at samarbeidet mellom barnehagen og foreldregruppen skaper et godt barnehagemiljø”

SU and PC work with everyday tasks in cooperation with the preschool, while PC represents the parent council in some cases. At autumn parent meeting will the parent council choose represents for SU and PC. The staff represents will be elected at staff meeting or planning day.

SU & PC 2020/21

PC Members:

Carolina Regoli

Eliezar DaSilva

Yenny Bedoya

SU Members:

Klaus Stafto

Oleksandr Lakoview

Atiana Minoretti


Trine Kolmansskog (Nino teacher)

Silje Skifte Hansen (Watoto Teacher)

Daisy Picardal (Tamariki Teacher)