Mission Statement


Our Mission

The kindergarten in cooperation and understanding with the home, safeguard the children’s need for care, play, and promote learning and education as the foundation for all-round development. Kindergarten should be based on fundamental values in Christian and humanist heritage and tradition, such as respect for human dignity and nature, on intellectual freedom, charity, forgiveness, equality and solidarity, values that are expressed in different religions and beliefs and are rooted in human rights (Barnehageloven §1 Formål,1. ledd).

At Trondheim International Preschool we...

  • foster an inclusive environment that acknowledge and celebrate different cultures, nationalities and languages.
  • promote friendship through play and develop positive relationships among children and families in our community.
  • encourage imagination and creativity which value each child as an individual and as a part of a group.
  • nurture the whole well-being of the child through the cooperation between the home and kindergarten.

We are a multicultural kindergarten with competent and caring staff from diverse cultural and national backgrounds.  We acknowledge the different languages that our children speak, but we use both Norwegian and English languages to communicate in the kindergarten. Our main focus areas are social competence and language development.