Transition to school

The last year in preschool is a special year for the children. They have been in preschool for a long time and are ready to get other challenges; they are ready to enter school.

During their stay in the preschool they are well trained inquiry learners, and very well prepared to start first grade in an International Baccalaureate school, such as Trondheim International School.

Compare to Rammeplan, we shall have a clear plan for how to manage the transition we are constantly developing in our preschool. The eldest children will be introduced to the teacher in first grade, and will get to know the areas and routines first graders use. At the end of the year they will learn how to behave and how to be self-helped in the cafeteria at lunchtime.

Graduation Day is a tradition at Trondheim International Preschool, which marks the transition between the preschool and the school. At graduation Day parents and siblings will be invited to a beautiful arrangement prepared by the preschool children and the first graders.

Policy of leave

All preschool children are entitled to leave during a preschool year; regardless the child must begin the year to ensure their place. We ask that you please notify the preschool of leave. Fees and Food must be paid during leave. Refer to the Bylaws for further details.

If a child leaves the preschool during the year, the preschool will inform and prepare all the children. Cooperating with the parents, the preschool will make a “last day happening” in the preschool.

The first days in preschool

New children and parents to preschool will be guided through the first days by one of our nice and professional staff. It is very important that parents are supporting and stays in the classrooms together with their child the first day. The next days will be planned and arranged together with the preschool staff compared to the individual children’s need for parent support.

The preschool use a 5 Day guidance of how to make the startup in the preschool as good as possible for all children. The guidance will be given to parents before startup in preschool, and a startup date will be arranged after communication between the preschool and the parents.

Home and Preschool Communication

Parents are encouraged to come into the preschool and settle their child at the beginning of the day and ‘drop in’ before and after the teaching day (between 8:00-16:00). If you wish to discuss concerns or ideas, please ask the teacher directly to organize a convenient appointment. This is to ensure that serious discussions are given the appropriate amount of time and take place in the appropriate setting.  We wish to continue our open dialogue with parents.

To keep you updated please check our fantastic communication tool called MyKid. In MyKid every parent will get a user profile to be able to enter the preschool’s page. There you will find information about your child’s everyday life in preschool and easy ways to communicate with the preschool.

To know more about MyKid; please enter

Following each unit of inquiry, the children will demonstrate their learning during assemblies.  We highly encourage you to come and support  your  child’s  learning  by watching their assembly; it is great fun to see what they are learning and how they are improving! In addition to Unit of Inquiry assemblies, Preschool children participate in weekly Preschool assemblies and school-wide assemblies to encourage a sense of community throughout the Preschool.

Teachers will provide families with preschool news, which will highlight inquiry based learning activities, trips and ways in which families can support the work we are doing at school. To maintain open communication and involvement, we encourage you to attend curriculum information sessions at school and parent/teacher conferences.

Drop off and collection

Preschool opening hours are from 07.30 until 16.30. It means that you are free to come at 07.30, and must be out of the doors by 16.30. If you want time to talk to the staff about the day, you need to make sure to bee there in time during opening hours.It is important that an adult brings your child to Preschool, and also collects him/her from Trondheim International Preschool. It is also very important that parents make direct contact with our Preschool staff when dropping off and collecting children. We maintain signing in and signing out lists to ensure the safety of all the Preschool children. If someone different is to collect your child, please let us know at the beginning of the day or by Phone/ mail during the day.

We will not let your child go with anyone else that we do not know.

Please be aware that a fee of NOK 500,- will be charged if children are collected after 16.30.
(You need to be out from Preschool before 16.30, when the staff is locking the door)

When are we closed?

The preschool is closed every christmas, easter and weeks 28, 29 and 30 every summer.