Holiday club

The Preschool operates a Holiday Club during regular school vacations (Autumn Break, Winter Break, and Summer Break) We have a program with appropriate activities organized ahead of time including tours and theme days.

Parents are encouraged to give information in My Kid, if their child will arrive to the Preschool or not. In that way the Preschool are able to plan Staff vacation in advanced. Please note that the Preschool will be closed when there are fewer than 5 children signing app to participate in Holiday Club.

Planning Days – Preschool has 5 Planning Days every year.  The days are updated on MyKid.

Christmas – From 23rd of December and starts 2nd of January

Easter – The preschool is closed for the whole week

Summer holiday – Weeks 28-29-30 every year

The parents pay for their child in Preschool only eleven of twelve months during the year.