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Be aware of when applying to Trondheim International Preschool you need to send an application to Trondheim Kommune

Trondheim International Preschool has Trondheim Kommune as the primary area where children are served. However, Trondheim International Preschool will accept children with addresses in other municipalities (kommune) in the case that the child has a sibling at Trondheim International School, the family is planning to have their child attend the school or the child has a parent who is employed in the school or the Preschool. The Preschool is open to children aged 3 to 6.

At the main admissions, transfer admissions, and supplementary admissions, the applicants are prioritized according to the criteria set forth in the bylaws of the Preschool.

Children with right to prioritized daycare center according to The Kindergarten Act, Section 13. Children with disabilities and children who are the objects of an administrative decision pursuant to sections 4-12 and 4-4, second and fourth paragraphs, of the Child Welfare Service Act, and as long as they benefit from the preschools educational facility. Documentation required.

Special rights:
1. Upon main admissions: Children with a right to place in daycare center according to The Kindergarten Act, Section 12, and given they benefit from the preschools educational facility.
2. Upon transfer admissions: Children who turn three years during the year that is currently in a family daycare center (familiebarnehage) and are looking for admission in a regular kindergarten, and given they benefit from the preschools educational facility.
3. Upon supplementary admissions: Children who lose their place in a daycare center due to closure or leave, and given they benefit from the preschools educational facility.

Children are selected on the basis of criteria below, however, under the assumption that there is a ceiling of max 15 children per age group.
1. Children who have siblings attending Trondheim International Preschool or Trondheim International School.
2. Children with English as first language.
3. Children of international families.
4. Children of employees at Trondheim International School or Trondheim International Preschool .
5. Five year olds or other children who will turn five within the calendar year.
6. Otherwise, the applications are prioritized after the date in which they are received.

Applications must be received by Trondheim Kommune, Fagenhet for oppvekst og utdanning,between 1st of Jan – 31st of Jan for children transferring from other Trondheim preschools, and by the 1st of Jan – 28th of February for all other applicants. This must be done online at;

You can also apply outside of these dates, but will only be served if there is an opening during the preschool year. 

We currently have a good mix of children from the local community and children with an international background. The fees are currently:

* Current monthly fee as govern by Trondheim Kommuneplus food NOK 600,- per month. We serve warm food 3 times a week.

* Children arriving newly to Norway needs to provide their vaccination records and are required to take a tuberculosis test. Here is the list of countries with high occurrence of tuberculosis.