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We believe in the children, and we want the children to believe in themselves.

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Founded in 2004, our preschool now have 37 children, ages 3 to 6 years old.

This year, 2020/21, we are counting children from more than 20 different nationalities.

Most of our children are bilingual and speak 2-3 languages.

The kindergarten in cooperation and understanding with the home, safeguard the children’s need for care, play, and promote learning and education as the foundation for all-round development. Kindergarten should be based on fundamental values in Christian and humanist heritage and tradition, such as respect for human dignity and nature, on intellectual freedom, charity, forgiveness, equality and solidarity, values that are expressed in different religions and beliefs and are rooted in human rights (Barnehageloven §1 Formål,1. ledd).
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Admissions Process

Applications must be received by Trondheim Kommune, Fagenhet for oppvekst og utdanning, between 1st of Jan – 31st of Jan for children transferring from other Trondheim preschools, and by the 1st of Jan – 28th of February for all other applicants.
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